I went for a short visit to see family in the Okanagan. I was basically chilling since I have been having issues with my leg… not entirely sure what but can’t quite trust it to do leg stuff. NJow that I’m back from holidays that means a whole lot of physio on that leg. Yay me.

We did go for car cruises and to a few restaurants for some awesome food. Anyway, it was awesome to see family I do not see often. In particular, I really wanted to see my grandmother.

So I did bring a sketchbook and a couple pencils but that was it. Not enough to do much more than the basics. I sketched a basic scene of the lake for fun. Mostly because I just sort of like to bring at least a few pencils and a small sketchbook with me to just practice a sketch or two when I go someplace difference. Just for the change in perspective.

Not to do a whole lot of detail work but just to get the vibe of the area.



  1. NIKKI, Thank You for returning I have searched for your blog to reinforce the fact
    I wasn’t going bonkers again. STAY SAFE, YOU TAUGHT ME SO MUCH, YOU INSPIRE

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