Posted to TicToc (I mean, TikTok- oops)

I haven’t really thought about using TikTok. By the way, I didn’t Intentionally spell that wrong in my title of this post. I have just never posted to TikTok or gone there so never really thought about it much. I was thinking of Tick Tock with the K dropped. Oops.

The reason I have never used the platform is because it never seemed viable for me, Videos… not my forte. Maybe because I have no dance moves. No dancing in the street for me anytime soon. Not with this vertigo I have and drop foot issue. More like falling in the street.

And put me in Front for a Video and, damn, I get nervous. It really is not my deal, but I do try.

So I really didn’t think that platform was my thing. I haven’t really gotten used to reels yet even. But there is a place for art on TikTok as there is on Insta. And reels are great for that sort of thing.

Not that I have mastered that side of things really, but I like the idea of it.


This is a pretty heavy on the contrast #charcoal #drawing but it was interesting to do. You can check out my art at

♬ Mad World – Gary Jules & Michael Andrews

This was my practice run… just giving the platform a go:


Mixed medium #Charcoal and #pastel inspired by my #migraine auras. You can find it on

♬ White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

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