AI site for creating art

First, I would point out… don’t put art into it… because that does not work, I found. But I had weirdly fun results from doing just that for funsies. This is the Site… but it is just for fun to play with, as they will use that data for their research. I thought it would be cool for kids to play with actually.

What it can do with some basic shape ideas:

Anyway, I don’t need AI to make art for me. That would suck all the joy out of doing it myself. But I did want to see what it would do with a basic painting. As it turns out that got weird. And as I went back and forth with it… got a lot of abstract weirdness. But cool weirdness. But most Definitely abstract.

This is what I came up with from a cityscape painting I had:

On my side of the equation,

I had to add lines for it to get a read on things as it was. And then, my side got weird from all the back and forth and mapping lines. But, also, cool. And I dig it. Might do an abstract painting base on it… somewhat.

Okay, I tried one of the basic drawings:

Which turned into this:

And my outputs are all cool but absolutely nothing like that top drawing is supposed to be for an output, so I guess I suck at teaching AI.

Anyway, it was fun to play with.


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