End of year progress

I was flipping through my memories on Facebook and came across something I drew in 2020. By then I had been drawing about half a year. It was really a hobby I had just picked up… and then Pandemic. So, perfect time to pick up a hobby that you can do in isolation for sure. But then again, all my hobbies are just me, myself and I being an introvert.

Anyway, this is what I did today compared to that drawing two years ago.

I am not saying the one I did two years ago on the right is bad because for starting out I was having a lot of fun trying different styles and practicing new things- and trying all sorts of mediums to see what suited me best. And no effort is wasted effort when you are practicing a new skill. Two years from now my work will be vastly different than it is now and likely different subject matter as well since even now I am exploring different techniques, ideas, and subjects. It is all about growth.

But I guess don’t let anyone tell you you can’t pick up a new skill, no matter your age. Because I’m 45 and disabled, so I have some issues with pain and even hand stability- and it really didn’t take long to pick up some basic skills and then start winging it on different subject matter. But then it takes a lot of practice from there. And I suppose a lifetime after that. But the journey is a blast. Nevertheless, in the beginning we are not going to be perfect, or awesome, but give or take a year or two and you get some decent stuff. The progression of your skills is so awesome to see. And I thought it was pretty wild to see the fast growth and change as I progressed. And am still progressing and hope to continue to do so.

Not saying everyone should go out and blow a bunch of money on art supplies. But I am saying there are a crapton of hobbies or skills that may appeal to you as an individual that you can give a go, at any age, if you are so inclined. And screw anyone who says otherwise.



  1. I love your art!! It’s developing beautifully, and I hope you’ll post about it again in a few years!
    I’ve been drawing and painting for many years also, and have a full art studio by now, and my daughter wants nothing to do with it (even though she’s very creative) because she feels like she’s not good enough (compared to me). I keep telling her I wasn’t this advanced at 14, either! You’re right, it’s definitely a skill that needs to be practiced and practiced, but the process is a blast for sure! Keep at it 🙌

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    1. I used to be a perfectionist and that side of me wouldn’t have started on this venture… because there is no perfection and there certainly isn’t fast enough progress for the perfectionist brain. But when I went off work, I really had to find something I was able to do to fill the time. And something I found challenging at the same time.

      I find I really do love the progression, and the effort as I go along. It never will reach perfection, but I take great satisfaction in it.

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  2. Dear n.a.,
    Very pleased to see your skills are increasing. Such progress, such change is wonderful and hopeful, especially to any person having to fight against disease and pain.
    By far, it is also the best present you can give to your followers, to anyone else, to the world but definitely to yourself. As Christmas is also partially defined as a period for gifts, the one you have in your hands is surely the one bringing joy and gladness.
    So 1000 thanks for your work, 1000 thanks your passion, 1000 thanks for you.

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      1. You have always been very talented. You were never satisfied with your art no matter what people said about it. I remember one piece in your teen years that was amazing, it was a goth girl, face partially hidden, standing against a wall. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, but I wish you could have stayed with it then and for all your life. ❤

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