I sometimes want to be the sort of artist that paints your beloved pet. Or that paints lovely mountain scenes. And every so often I do those things as well when I am in the mood. But that is just it, I create from that place of emotion. I want to express what I can’t express in words. I want to put all the pain and all the suffering, and even all the powerful emotions that come from just releasing that pain and suffering, into my work. I don’t want it to be hyper-realistic and even if I did my hands are too unstable for that sort of creation. I want it to be emotive.

My art comes from a place of pain brought into the open. And it comes from a place of feeling the intensity of those emotions- and just letting it go. When I feel pain of any sort, I use it and I transform it. Burn it and use it as fuel to create.

The only art I have really done that comes purely from an appreciation of beauty is figure art. Because I find a lot of beauty in how we are in the world physically. And when I am at peace for however long that is, I do figure art. I often show what is beautiful and powerful in the female form because not a lot of us women actually see that in ourselves.

I know that when I draw something more soft, gentle and peaceful it appeals to more people. I recently sold my two horse drawings and they both are about beauty. Which by the way, I loved those pieces. And I absolutely love that they were appriciated by the person they were purchased for. That makes me feel wonderful inside. And maybe if I were more strategic that is where I would aim to target. But I don’t want to create just to sell to more people. I want to bleed my emotions onto a canvas. Whatever that emotion happens to be.


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