About Me


Most of my creative pursuits are inspired by the chronic pain experience. There is a drive to try to communicate the intensity of that experience in various ways.

Also, creative pursuits are one way to escape the pain for a time. I need something that is just for me I can focus from to distract me from the pain. And you can lose yourself in art. And in writing as well. As long as the pain intensity isn’t at an intolerable level. So art and other forms of creativity have been one way for me to cope with the pain experience. Almost a necessary thing in my life really. Pain is so all consuming that without something to pour that intensity into- it can eat away at you in so many ways. Eroding all parts of your sense of self and emotional well-being. So I need healthy outlets.

But my actual inspiration has always been an elusive and intuitive thing. I have always created- because I must. A lot my novel ideas come from dreams. It isn’t like I sit and plot ideas. They just- manifest. How I get from A to B is a mystery to me sometimes.

My Process

As an artist I’m pretty explorative. In the sense that I’m self-taught and I have never taken an art class. So I explore a lot of new ideas and methods as I find them. Or new ideas as I come up with them. New tools that may or may not be typical. Since I am disabled not really sure art classes are in my future, But the local art club does have some decent two hour mini courses that are cheap that I may take once in a while if I can afford to.

You can see my process on Instagram reels and TicToc when I show some of what I do with my projects.

I have an ‘art space’ but that isn’t a workshop or anything special. It is the end of the dining room table. It is what it is. You make due with what you have. You utilize the space you have. And in my computer room I have a dresser my common-law-spouse sanded down and painted where I store my art supplies- and it is pretty snazzy.