Fragmented Love

This is another mixed medium piece that I did with charcoal and watercolours. It creates an interesting effect.

This particular one I based off of a poem I wrote. It took me a bit to find the poem, so I waited to post this.

This is inspired by the emotional pain of staying in a relationship or situation long past its due. Because you are holding onto how it was, so strongly, you think that will somehow piece it back together. In the end, it just bleeds you bit by bit,

Fragmented Love

I’m haunted by a ghost of a forgotten past.

Shards of glass remain.

I held the pieces together so we would last,

They sliced into me, causing endless pain.

Shards of glass remain,

I tried to piece together the whole.

They sliced into me, causing endless pain,

Slicing and dicing my bleeding soul.

Fragmented Love: Print 8X10


Fragmented Love: print 11X14


Fragmented Love: Original mixed-medium piece 11X14


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