If I Just Close my Eyes

This is an acrylic original painting. It is based loosely on a charcoal piece I did and you can see in this store. I wanted to see it in colour and with a bit of a different take on it. The colour structure with the mixes of dark blues and blacks with these dark orange accents were chosen to enhance the mood.

It reminds me of something I have said about depression before: I knew the sun shined I just thought it lied.’ Likewise here she is immersed in the depths of shadows and darkness but the light is on her and she feels it but I don’t think she believes in it. I think she is stuck in those shadows. But yet, I also feel she savours that feeling of the light on her and perhaps that means she has a glimmer of hope. Because the only way out of depression is through, And the path always changes. Her eyes may be closed and she may be too tired to truly feel her path out…. but she feels the sunshine and one day she will open her eyes and find that path.

That is sort of what I was thinking about when I painted this. That cusp of being lost in depression but on the cusp of that turning point- that point where you can sort of feel there may be a way out, even if you don’t know how to get there yet,

This painting, as you can see, is not framed and is done on canvas.

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