Migraine Cascade Framed Original Piece

This is one of my migraine art images. It looks bright… and dark. That is because it is depicting the wave of the migraine aura as it pulses through the brain. It causes a brilliant cascade of colours and darkness both for me. And it can be spectacular and frustrating. Visual most of the time but also other phenomena. The dark half represents the fact the aura can be dark or even cause vision loss, as well as the mood decline part of the aura, and the need for darkness that comes with the pain stage of the migraine attack. It is both the flash of the fireworks and the bang.

It is a mixed medium piece with charcoal and pastel

This is a design presentation I intended for the print. With the poem alongside it in a floating frame. It makes for a story art- both visual and written- expressing an experience. The two I have done so far are on migraine experiences but that is, of course, not necessary.

It presented with the poem by the same name:

Her world cascaded
with sharp edges and fine lines.
Raindrops of gold paraded
across a sky of harsh shine.

Ripples and waves,
flickered and danced.
While seas of orange heatwaves
warped and pranced.

“You will never see
the shining undulating sea.
Nor hold, hold your stance
as you feel that spark advance.
The growing sharpness behind the eyes
with all these shining lights and their lies.”

Fireworks with their lights; glorious and bright,
never flash and dance in silence.
They come with bite. They come with might.
With their sudden bangs of violence.

“But you will never see raindrops
of gold
taking hold…”

                           By Nikki Albert

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