Figure art reference sites

So I have been sketching some nude figure art. Reference material has always been a challenge. However, I happened upon some great reference sites. Quite a variety of options for nude figure art and/or clothed figures as well.

  1. Line of Action: This is the first one I checked out. It has a lot of choices to choose from on their tool. Male/female clothed or not, either or. You can choose the length of each subject to sketch.
  2. QuickPoses: This one has select options and you can skip forward as well as flip the images around. I have to admit their image selection can be interesting, so there is that. I don’t find it as useful but I find it interesting to explore for challenges.
  3. Sketch a Day: Has a whole lot of reference material and I think this will be useful to me in a lot of projects actually. But when it comes to drawing figures you got full body or body parts, male, female, dressed, or nude. I am not sure they have a whole lot of material because if you narrow it down sometimes it comes up with nothing. But if it is broad you will get images from decades ago to current. Nevertheless, I have found this one pretty useful.
  4. Character Designs: Is a pretty awesome site for all sort of character figure art and they do have a nude section as well. In the case of if you were drawing a character work with partial nudity and looking for some cape or partial clothing references in there as well. It is worth mentioning because I love fantasy fiction and so obviously that sort of art is appealing to me.
  5. You Tube CroquisCafe: I haven’t checked this one out yet but it is a YouTube channel for figure art nude study.

I did some quick gesture poses and then some longer poses.


  1. would like to try art, drawing, anything but Iam so shakey, due to having PMR
    along with Fibro. I can’t imagine probable pretty funny. I tend to laugh or giggle but
    its due to nerves. is it possible to get a web page with the 100 Fibro Site Pages? Tried to save but no luck. thanks again for introducing another Avenue in your Posts.

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    1. I am looking for the master file I downloaded to see if I have that page but since I have issues with a cyber hacker/stalker I am not sure where I stashed it off my computer. I know I kept a master download for future reference, and I definitely can’t keep it on any computer but not sure which external drive I have it on. So I don’t know if I am able to pull that up at the moment.


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